Make sure to hang in for the third chorus at about 2:40 seconds.

I was raised in the 70s, and that sort of meant a pretty steady diet of Abba, Kenny Rogers, Billy Joel and Neil Diamond rotated through the tape deck of my father's car. In the end, given where my taste in music wound up, it's pretty clear that Kenny won in that mix: I'm pretty sure I wore out at least one Gambler tape all those years ago. There may be not more iconic opening for a song than the first two lines of that one: "On a warm summer's eve / on a train bound for nowhere." It promises a world of adventure, and what kid could resist that?

Say what you want about the man but he could pick a song, had a great voice and no one quite nailed the art of the duet like he did. The moment above when Dolly breaks into the third chorus with "Who needs Sheena Easton..." shows the cameradery and good humour of a pair of stars whose time in the klieg lights never really passed.

R.I.P. Kenny. Your influence will be felt for a long time.