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Parade of Lost Souls 2006

Ghostly Roundabout  Ninja in Orange  Tree Dragon  Tree Monster  Tree Monster  Podium at Sunset  Father and Child  Carriage of the Damned  Graveyard of Lost Souls  Death of Student Loans  Chorus of the Dead  Casual Conservation  Killed by Technology  Bob Dylan Undead  Bob Dylan Undead  Home  Not Grandview Park  Commerce reigns supreme  Caught on Tape: Voice from Beyond  Dylan goes electric, again.  I'd die for a Bass Clarinet  These Eyes  Throwing Fire  Throwing Fire  Monster Mash  The Crowd Watches  Stilts  Marie Antoinnette  The Parade Begins  Pirates Ride on Top  Yabba Dabba Doo  Creepy Clowns  Can You Hear the People Sing?  Can You Hear the People Sing?  The Undead 3 Piece Band  She Blinded me with Science  Toy Store after dark  Carnival Time  Blowing Balloons