Saying Goodbye to Vancouver

Rain in Gastown

18 years ago today, I loaded a bunch of stuff into the back of a Jeep Cherokee, picked my mother up at the house that I grew up in for most of my life and head west to Vancouver. I was 29. I had a job with an online lottery startup in Toronto that wasn’t going anywhere and my then girlfriend (soon to be wife) had a job in Vancouver. My mother and I arrived in Vancouver on Christmas day after three and a half days of driving. I highly recommend you takeĀ at leastĀ six days if you ever decide to to it.

18 years later, I’m sitting in Kelowna, where I moved a couple of years ago, getting read to head “back east” as the saying goes here. How we got here is an interesting story, though I won’t dig too deeply here. But there are some things that need to be said.

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