On Chasing the Minimum Viable Product

I’ve spent the last couple of years working in an environment where the phrase¬†minimum viable product (MVP) was tossed around a lot, mostly in order to push a launch date up. I’ll admit to some guilt: I actually introduced the concept when I introduced an Agile approach to getting things done, but the thing about building an MVP is that you need to be clear that you’re still meeting the needs of the business: it’s not just a random concept designed to let you shorten a deadline.

Properly used, it’s a real tactic for delivering a quality product. Improperly used, it’s a ticket to long term failure.

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Apple and that Damn Headphone Jack

There’s not a lot of people who don’t think I like Apple products. A lot. They’re not wrong, but it was not always so…I considered abandoning them several years ago until the the first release of OS X–I’m a Unix nerd at heart, and I was going to head in a FreeBSD direction. Go figure. These days OS X is a fantastic Unix that, for the most part, just works and the rest of the stuff goes along with it.

But that damn headphone jack. I feel like this time Apple’s really not thought things through.
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