Apple and that Damn Headphone Jack

There’s not a lot of people who don’t think I like Apple products. A lot. They’re not wrong, but it was not always so…I considered abandoning them several years ago until the the first release of OS X–I’m a Unix nerd at heart, and I was going to head in a FreeBSD direction. Go figure. These days OS X is a fantastic Unix that, for the most part, just works and the rest of the stuff goes along with it.

But that damn headphone jack. I feel like this time Apple’s really not thought things through.

For various reasons, I’m contemplating buying an iPad Pro again. New ones were released, which is great. Apple cut to USB-C from the Lightning jack for reasons that are simultaneously mysterious and obvious but in the processs they pull the headphone jack from the new products.


Here’s the thing–there’s a long list of reasons the headphone jack is a great thing. Amongst them are:

  • It’s been the same for about a hundred years. Fundamentally unaltered.
  • It just works, and doesn’t wear out
  • I don’t have to keep my headphones charged
  • The audio quality it delivers is fantastic (though I’ve no major issues with Bluetooth audio either.)

The first of these points is probably the most important one: I have a pair of B&W P9 headphones. They come with interchangeable cables and shortly after release, they shipped a lightning cable. This was great, because I no longer had to carry an adapter.

And now, Apple’s switched to USB-C.

So, let’s assume I go out and buy a new iPad. I have a laptop too, because *sometimes* an iPad just doesn’t quite cut it. So I travel with an iPad, a laptop and a phone.

Thanks Apple, now I need a *different adapter for each of these things.* The laptop has a good old headphone jack. The iPhone has lightning and the iPad USB-C.

Seriously Apple, figure this out. The right solution, by the way, is to put the damn headphone jack back in. It makes my investment in $1,000 headphone a safe one–because those B&W P9’s are going to the grave on my head, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy a few more phones in the interim.

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