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— Peter Gabriel, And Through the Wire
December 9, 2011
Radio Buttons that do Nothing

Designing interfaces for large software projects isn’t easy. As an interface designer you can paint the broad strokes of button placement, list layouts and the like but when push comes to shove and thousands of pages of code have to be written it comes down to software engineers to implement them consistently and well. This inevitably leads to mistakes and problems that crop up in spots. Many of these are minor and acceptable, others are just weird.

This one falls into the just weird category.

This is a pick list in Salesforce’s admin pages that allows you to select the data type for a new field when you create it. At the very top of the pick list is a radio button that allows you to choose the None Selected option. I was sort of curious what would happen if I chose it, so chose it I did.

An it turns out that—you guessed it—it throws an error every time.

Just weird.

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