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October 2, 2011
It’s Civic Election Time: This is Your Candidate

It’s civic election time in Vancouver, a crazy event that happens once every three years. The last three elections have each seen a new Mayor (Campbell, Sullivan and Robertson) with substantial changes at council at the same time.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that the NPA sees this as an open shot. I’m not so sure: I think Gregor Robertson’s Vision Vancouver team’s popularity is pretty solid, though I do tend to interact with a group whose politics skew in that direction so I’m not sure it’s a fair measure.

More significantly, I think Suzanne Anton’s certifiably crazy. She always rode the NPA coattails onto Council until the last election, when she was the only one who made it (go figure.) She’s sort of a mayoralty candidate by default and not a very good one. I don’t think she has any coattails.

I know of the folks on “her team” as these things tend to be called. Some of them ran in 2002 when I was heavily involved. Dave Pasin? That guy’s not the sharpest pencil in any box you’re going to find. You don’t want him on Park Board, trust me.

George Affleck on the other hand is a very bright guy. A bit self absorbed to be sure, but a bright guy no doubt. The thing is, I sort of expect a level of maturity a little higher than this—sent just after the release of the report on the Stanley Cup Riots—from a candidate for city council:
George Affleck tweet

But there you have it: it’s off to the races, and if that’s the level discourse you’re looking for from council well…I for one expect more from candidates than jokes about a series of riots which have, frankly, damaged this cities reputation much more than some would like to admit.

I live in West Vancouver now, so the politics of Vancouver are over a bridge from me. My interest is a bit more abstract—I still work in the city—but I’m still hoping to see a rational, sensible council elected. It’s good for the region. In the end, I’m expecting Gregor Robertson back as Mayor but I’d be willing to be that the NPA slips two or three more people onto council. Only time will tell.

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