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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Saxophones started blowing me down  / I was buried in sound / Taxicabs were driving me around
— Wilco, Handshake Drugs
April 5, 2011

Interesting Times

Window If you believe that the often misquoted proverb that says may you always live in interesting times is a good one, my life has—of late—certainly been an example of why it can be a good thing. Things have been exceptionally busy, and interesting, and quite wonderful actually.

I’m working full time again, and for the first time in years I’m in a position where I can focus on what I’ve been trying to do for a while now. Vancouver is full of tiny companies where everybody has to do five different jobs: it’s a recipe for failure, unless you’re the person in charge of delegating everything. In the long run that kind of multi-taked unfocused job just burns people out, and I’m happier than I can say to be in a place that allows me to concentrate on doing what I do well instead of spreading me in a thousand directions.

Of course I don’t talk about work here, so that’s all we’ll say about it.

Over the past year I’ve been fairly active on Twitter and Facebook and working in a self-promotional way with both of them. It’s been fun, and I’ve met quite a few interesting people. I quite like them both, and yet in the past four weeks these things have been slipping away from me. I’ve been practically absent on Facebook, and relatively inactive on Twitter since starting work. I sometimes find myself wondering when I had the time to be there at times. I haven’t quite figured out where they fit into my newly restructured life. I suspect they’ll fade a bit and this site will move a bit more into the foreground, amongst other changes.

There’s an irony to my relative absence from Twitter too, recently. It’s one I won’t expand on yet.

Of course a sudden change means there are people who are disappointed. My time has become compressed and managing the free time—what there is of it—is a juggling act: I owe an email to Toronto, about two weeks overdue; There are people in the city that I haven’t seen in a while; I’m behind on some video editing, and trying to find a new outlet for photography work that I feel like I’ve been neglecting in my work over the last year. Everything is gradually falling into place, and I’m getting it all sorted out. It’s good.

I spent last weekend in Victoria. Not the whole weekend, I guess, but the Saturday night anyway. It was a wonderful luxurious day of wandering a city I’ve only been too a couple of times, dining at places I’d never have found and generally just being in the moment. It had the feeling of a new beginning, and one that’s had me in a particularly good mood since coming back. Everybody’s noticed—the ones who’ve seen me, anyway, which mostly means work colleagues—how happy I’ve been since coming back. I rather like that. I’m a pretty happy guy most of the time, though the last year has had moments when it’s been hard to stay that way.

Honestly, right now it’s hard to remember what those moments were. Things are good.

I haven’t been riding my bike to work yet and I think it’s important that I start doing that. I have an appointment after work tomorrow that’s going to make it hard, so I think Thursday will be the day to start. I’ve nothing scheduled so it’s time to put two wheels to the ground and pedal over the Lions Gate Bridge on a daily basis. The view from that ride by the way? Spectacular. Also, decidedly not Toronto.

Friday will be different though. Friday, I probably can’t ride to work because I’m heading over to Salt Spring Island for the weekend on a very late ferry ride. There are few things I’ve looked forward to as much as this weekend. It’s going to be a good one. I’ll likely be offline for two days, and it’s not often that I can afford that luxury. I’ll have my phone with me of course, so there’s that but I’m pretty good at ignoring it.

Interesting times indeed. I’d not have it any other way.

Posted by skooter at 11:09 PM This entry is filed under Narcicism.
Tags: Salt Spring Island, Victoria