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— Rheostatics, Northern Wish
October 30, 2009
The Myth of National Healthcare

National healthcare is a myth in Canada. A convenient fiction. The reality is that healthcare is run by the provinces, leading to widely disparate policies and application. I’ve seen no better evidence of this in the recent past than the idea that British Columbia’s financially strapped healthcare system is considering “selling” surgeries to Saskatchewan. Somehow the claim is that all these healthcare professionals will be able to provide British Columbians with faster service…despite the fact that they’ll be busy working on the citizens of Saskatchewan.

In a true national healthcare system, the provinces wouldn’t be looking to each other as a revenue source.

Province Wants to Sell Surgeries to Saskatchewan
Parties spar over whether the plan will allow BCers to get operations faster.
By Andrew MacLeod, Yesterday,

People from Saskatchewan may soon be coming to British Columbia for surgery, if negotiations between the two provincial governments are successful.

B.C.’s health minister, Kevin Falcon, said selling surgeries will bring money into B.C.’s system and help British Columbians get care sooner. But New Democratic Party health critic, Adrian Dix, said the plan makes no sense when health authorities are already cancelling surgeries for British Columbians.

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