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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
i wanna hold you in the bible black pre-dawn / you're quite a quiet domino
— Wilco, I am Trying to Break Your Heart
May 4, 2009
I wonder why we listen to poets / When nobody gives a fuck

Ashes of American Flags: Wilco Live I finally managed to get a copy of Ashes of American Flags. The only store in Bellingham to have copies had sold out before I got down there, and for some strange reason Zulu Records didn’t get any in on the April 28, 2009 release date. Red Cat Records came to my rescue, though I paid a pretty penny for it.

It was, of course, worth every penny, and I prefer to shop at those two stores whenever I can.

The film is excellent, documenting three separate concerts and the journey through an America that, at the time, struck the band as disappearing. Filmed two summers ago, it’s not hard to imagine how the same America would look today.

Wilco released a free song on May 1st on their web site. It’s a cover of Woody Guthrie’s The Jolly Banker. May 1st is May Day, a day associated with protest, with working people around the world, with the common person. Ashes of American Flags shows a band that hasn’t lost touch with itself yet, and one that believes that music is still a force for change in sugar coated pop flavoured world. Watch it.

I’m down on my hands and knees
Every time the doorbell rings
I shake like a toothache
When I hear myself sing

All my lies are only wishes
I know I would die if I could come back new

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