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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
If your life is a leaf / that that the seasons tear off and condemn They will bind you with love / that is graceful and green as a stem
— Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy
March 28, 2009
Isn’t Religion Supposed to be About Compassion?

If there was a single argument for the absolute separation of church and state, this fits.

Amid Abuse of Girls in Brazil, Abortion Debate Flares

The doctors’ actions set off a swirl of controversy. A Brazilian archbishop summarily excommunicated everyone involved — the doctors for performing the abortion and the girl’s mother for allowing it — except for the stepfather, who stands accused of raping the girl over a number of years.

“The law of God is above any human law,” said José Cardoso Sobrinho, the archbishop, who argued that while rape was bad, abortion was even worse.

In more than 80 percent of the cases, fathers or stepfathers committed the sexual abuse, doctors at the clinic said.

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