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January 3, 2009
Microsoft Zunes Die En Masse

A few days ago, thousands (you don’t really think they’ve sold millions do you?) or 30GB Microsoft Zune’s refused to start up. Slow to acknowledge the problem despite its seeming universality, Microsoft finally admitted that yes it was happening, and yes it had to do with the Zune’s clock not handling the leap year correctly.

What I find amazing about this is how cavalier people are being about the problem. With over 30 years of history behind them, the Y2K problem as fairly recent history and more code monkeys on staff than any other corporation, one would think that clock related problems would have been eliminated quite a while ago. It’s just a leap year, after all, and leap year’s happen every four years.

That this happened only a couple of weeks after the British navy announced they would be running their submarines on Microsoft Windows XP should be a reason for legitimate concern.

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