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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Rushing at the modern sunset to your window / Gestured with the bleach in hand, she said "let's go" "L.A." she cried / The heartbreak rides for free
— A.C. Newman, The Heartbreak Rides
January 21, 2009
Where Have You Gone Mats Sundin / The Nation Turns It’s Lonely Eyes to You

Ok, wasn’t Mats Sundin supposed to save the Canucks? On another note, did anybody publish a story today that didn’t include a superfluous reference to Barak Obama’s inauguration?

Canucks lose to Sharks in last-minute heartbreaker
SAN JOSE On the day the United States and its new president began what Americans hope will be a journey of renewal, the Vancouver Canucks continued down that bumpy road to ruin.

The Canucks played the San Jose Sharks extremely tough Tuesday night, but surrendered the tying goal with 40 seconds left in the third period and then lost…

Ottawa’s Kathleen Edwards dedicated her song Copied Keys to Sundin on Friday night. The opening line:

This is not my town and it will never be

She’s a funny lady.

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