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April 8, 2008
Tibet & The Olympics

Tibetan National Flag I’ve been mulling over the issue of Tibet, the Olympics and a potential boycott for a bit now. I don’t buy the argument that “the games aren’t political…” or that “the last boycott wasn’t effective, so why bother this time…” but it seems as if there’s no appetite for a boycott, so such is life. Welcome to the modern politician: no backbone.

So here’s a thought…why wouldn’t the Canadian Olympic Team give every Canadian athlete a Tibetan flag. When the team entered the stadium the athletes could raise them in support.

If every nation considering a boycott did this instead, this would be a massive show of public support broadcast into every corner of the world.

No discussion of boycotting Olympics’ opening ceremonies: MacKay
Last Updated: Tuesday, April 8, 2008 | 5:24 AM ET
CBC News

The federal government hasn’t considered the possibility of boycotting the opening ceremonies of the Beijing Olympic Games, according to the defence minister.

Repeating comments made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week, Peter MacKay told reporters Monday the issue has not been addressed by the federal cabinet.

“Without having the discussion, we can’t rule anything out, so we’re not at that point,” MacKay said.

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