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March 2, 2008
Intuit and Piracy

In general, finding someone to say anything good about Intuit’s relationships with its customers is difficult these days. They act like one would expect a virtual monopoly to act.

In 2003, they made a good decision:

Intuit’s lesson for MSFT and Hollywood
May 19, 2003: 11:00 AM EDT
By Eric Hellweg, CNN/Money Contributing Columnist

When Intuit launched the copy-control program, it predicted that revenue would increase, since customers who had previously purchased only one TurboTax program would have to buy a separate copy for each computer in the house. That assumption was dead wrong. Instead, the move triggered a consumer backlash the likes of which Intuit had never seen.

Dropping the activation feature from TurboTax was the right move for Intuit, and the company is lucky that the mistake didn’t do more damage to its financials. And therein lies a cautionary tale for investors: Keep your ears tuned to customer complaints about overly restrictive DRM policies.

Trying to activate a new copy of Microsoft Office these days teaches a great lesson in this, aggravated by the fact that Microsoft now likes to sell media free licences. No media means that when you move to a new computer it’s extremely difficult to take an existing copy of Office with you, despite the fact that it’s perfectly legal to do so.

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