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— Steve Earle, Shadowland
October 29, 2007
The Times, They Are(n’t) a Changing

Last year at this time, our clocks were falling back. According to my Filofax this would be the weekend to have done so.

There was, of course, the little matter of a little law that changed and delayed it by a week. As a result, computers everywhere were thrown into a state of confusion.

Or not.

My Mac is ticking along nicely, fully aware of the correct time. Older versions of Windows that update by network it seems, have not.

Nowhere is this more obvious than on my cell phone: I have a new one (it’s a Nokia N80) and for the first time in ages I set it to pick up the network time. Fido didn’t support network time, but now that we’re on Rogers it’s there as an option.

And it’s still off by an hour as of 18:40hrs.

Rogers is just that poorly managed that millions of Canadians are walking around with the wrong time on their phones, despite the fact that a simple patch to any modern version of Windows would have updated their servers.

Sigh. Who says we don’t need more competition in the Canadian cell phone industry.

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