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— Wilco, I am Trying to Break Your Heart
May 30, 2007
Arial vs. Helvetica

Typography is a bit of a religion, and like religions the various proponents of different schools often make irrational arguments in favour of one choice or another.

There’s one argument that’s always winnable though: the fight against Arial.

Arial is simply hideous, and while I’m not personally a fan of Helvetica it may be that the pervasiveness of Arial has coloured my view: too many times the sans serif font of choice is Arial simply because people are using Windows.

A typical argument in favour of Arial is “it’s good enough” which is a bit like arguing in favour of a Ford Pinto. It’s hardly the standard by which greatness or good design should be judged. Good enough doesn’t make something right, or even adequate.

Use Helvetica instead of Arial: always. I personally prefer Frutiger in almost all its flavours, but I’m not going to argue the point.

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