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April 9, 2007
Public / Private Health Care

From today’s New York Times

The effort, which lawmakers emphasize is still in its early stages, would exempt millions of people from the tax but would have to come up with a way to offset an enormous loss of revenue in the next decade. Measured in dollars, it would be far bigger than Democratic initiatives to provide money for children’s health care, education or any other spending program.

The emphasis is mine, and the health care issue is particularly pertinent in Vancouver today.

The False Creek Medical clinic has opened (again) and is offering pay for service medical care. The clinic was shut down once but has made changes intended to bring it in line with the Canada Health Act, the federal legislation that defines Canada’s public health reginmen.

Lost in the extremely polarized debate over health care in Canada is the distinction between children’s health care and adult health care.

I would never advocate for a purely private system, even if it were only applicable to adults. I do think it’s critical to recognize that we need a different strategy to deal with adults than kids.

This, of course, presumes that one recognizes that the health care system as it currently operates in Canada is not sustainable. There are still people who don’t…people who think the only option is a fully funded public health care regime.

Private care has a role in the system. More accurately, user fees have a role in the system. I have a genetic disposition to require eyewear that isn’t funded by the Canada Health Act. Extreme sports participants who repeatedly injure themselves are, however. This isn’t a great system.

I sincerely hope the Democratic party is succesful, if only becuase it will give Canadians another model and one that recognizes the importance of protecting children at all costs.

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