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— Neko Case, Margaret vs. Pauline
March 7, 2007
The Case for Liberalism, George McGovern

Written before the commencement of the Iraq War (or, as some prefer to think of it, Gulf War 2.0) this article by George McGovern appeared in Harpers Magazine in December of 2002. It’s been kicking around my house ever since. If you haven’t read it, you need to—especially if you live in the United States of America.

Some points I like.

“[As] William F. Buckley puts it in his book Up from Liberalism,

‘Conservatism is the tacit acknowledgment that all that is finally important in human experience is behind us; that the crucial explorations have been undertaken, and that it is given to man to know what are the great truths that emerged from them. Whatever is to come cannot outweigh the importance to man of what has gone before.’

The business of conservatism is, in other words, to cling tightly to the past…”
pp. 39

“With the cold War behind us, the U.N. is now free to become the great international organ for peace, development, justice and freedome that Franklin Roosevelt, Wendell Willkie, and others intended it to be. As the host nation, America should take the lead in calling for a strengthened U.N., a stronger World Court, and a modern, well-equipped international police force directed by the Secretary General of the U.N. and the U.N. Security Council rather than view such ideals as obstacles.”
pp. 41

“Most of today’s liberals are too intimidated for my taste. When I look back on my twenty-two years in the U.S. Congress, I don’t regret the questions I directed at policymakers; I regret the times that I didn’t ask questions when I should have. the way of a public critic is uncertain and difficult, especially when flags are flying and drums are rolling, but patriotism includes the responsibility, when the nation is following an unwise course, to call it to a higher standard.”
pp. 42

One of these points is a reminder of something that I’m constantly surprised by: the that United States remains home to the United Nations and yet continues to so blatantly undermine its role on the world stage is shocking.

Is it time for the United Nations to move?

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