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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Watchmaker steadies his delicate hand / I want you / For barbeque parties on blood red sands
— Peter Gabriel, And Through the Wire
November 5, 2006
Nicaragua’s Elections

I will admit to having not followed the Nicaraguan election campaign all that closely. There’s not much news in Vancouver about it.

This article at the BBC is interesting for a lot of reasons. The one I find most notable is the fact that so many of the comments made by Nicaraguans echo those made by Americans in the run up to their elections.

Politicians make promises, but the results are very different.

I don’t know who I am going to vote for, or if I’m going to vote at all, because I still don’t have my ID card.

Rich people have become richer, and poor people have less opportunities and basic services available to them.

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