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October 29, 2006
Why Web Design Doesn’t Mean Web Success

A nice article whih dances around the high level discussion of why flashy web tools don’t make a succesful web site:

Why award-winning websites are so awful

Two comments are of particular interest:

The Danes (and other Scandinavians) are probably the most sophisticated web practitioners I have had the pleasure to deal with. When I deal with countries that are at the bottom of the curve when it comes to web adoption and ecommerce expertise, award-winning websites driven by Flash and wow factors tend to be top of the agenda.

The Danes understand that a website needs to be designed for the customer, not for the organization, and certainly not for the web team. The most dangerous thing that web professionals can do is assume that what they really care about is what their customers really care about.

The argument here is not that design should be ignored, but that design should be used properly. Simply put: the job of design is to get out of the way, not in it—at least in an environment where the goal is to communicate to customers effectively.

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