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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Caught in the struggle tight on the rod / I want you / Bring out the devil to bring out the god
— Peter Gabriel, And Through the Wire
October 5, 2006
We Just Found a new Digital Camera

Canon's new G7 It’s well known that I was a big fan of the Canon PowerShot G6 and considered it the best digital camera for most uses. It was discontinued, and for the past while I’ve been recommending the Canon PowerShot S3 IS which is a great camera with an extremely long zoom — it is, in fact, probably better for most consumers than the G6 was.

When it comes to cameras, I don’t fall into the category of most consumers as evidenced by my complete lack of a digital camera right now.

Now, there’s a new game in town and I think I like it enough to buy it.

See those knobs and dials on the top? That’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for. Why we spent decades refining camera ergonomics only to turn them into computers when we went digital, I’m not sure. Cameras have always been about knobs and dials and switches, and much less about buttons and menus. Sure…the latter are necessary but should be reserved for only those functions that get set once and forgotten.

Suddenly, I’m very excited.

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