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— Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen
October 8, 2006
North Korea, Japan and Nuclear Warfare

Japan has united with the United States in protest over North Korea’s planned test of nuclear arms.

CTV News tonight broadcast a brief report which does as good a job as any of outlining part of the problem with the news networks today: the report speculated, explicitly, that such a test could lead to a new nuclear arms race with Japan building a nuclear arsenal.

Japan will never, of course, build a nuclear arsenal. The political will simply does not exist amongst the citiznes.

Japan occcupies a unique place in history: it is the only nation to ever be attacked with Nuclear weapons.

Another unique place exists for the United States: the only nation to deploy nuclear weapons in a hostile field of combat; every other detonation has been performed under the guise of test. The United States has detonated their weapons with the intent to kill.

North Korea arming itself with this type of power is undoubtedly scary, but a return to the Reagan era strategy of mutually assured destruction as a defence strategy scares me even more.

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