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October 2, 2006
Meet the New Boss / Same as the Old Boss

This past weekend was Super Weekend — at least it was if you’re one of the few remaining dedicated hardcore members of the Liberal Party of Canada.

The great party of Pierre Elliot Trudeau started the process of electing a new leader this weekend.

A long time ago — before he was a candidate — I went to see Michael Ignatieff speak and called him for next Liberal leader. If I were a card carrying voting member, that’s where my vote would go.

Ignatieff leads coming out of the first round about 10% ahead of Bob Rae, the former NDP premier of Ontario.

With a major push to stop Ignatieff, I now believe it likely that Rae will, in fact, eventually become the Liberal leader. Rae, Dion and Kennedy will unite with Rae as the leading candidate. It’s possible — although I think this is questionable reasoning — that Rae as Liberal leader will bring NDP voters in in Ontario. It’s certain that he will create a kinder, gentler Liberal party and after the fiscal conservatism of the governments in which Paul Martin played a key role, this is what the Liberal rank and file appear to be leaning towards.

Those NDP voters, by the way…where else were they going to go? You could vote Ken Dryden in as leader, and that soft-NDP support is equally likely to go to the Liberals. They’re certainly not going to go to the Harper led Conservatives or the increasingly marginalized Greens. It’s not the leader that brings those votes — it’s the overall tone of the election.

There an entertaining book by Po Bronson called The First $20 Million Is Always the Hardest. Michael Ignatieff is about to find out that that first 30 percent was easy — it’s the next 20 percent that’s going to be tough.

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