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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
My true love drowned in a dirty old pan / Of oil that did run from the block / Of a falcon sedan 1969 / The paper said '75
— Neko Case, Star Witness
July 4, 2006
At What Cost?

Perhaps we, as a society, should not be pushing the space race at any cost.

It’s possible that this is a less noble cause than it seems, and it’s likely that less is being learned than NASA appears to admit.

It’s also possible that three problematic missions in a row is a sign that the Space Shuttle, the gloriously elegant transport that inspired the dreams of my generation in the same way that the Apollo missions did for an earlier one, has outlived its life.

If this ship launches, against the advice of numerous engineers and scientists more knowledgeable than I, I hope that all goes well and that — if it does not — those who pushed this for their own political purposes pay an appopriate price.

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