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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Caught in the struggle tight on the rod / I want you / Bring out the devil to bring out the god
— Peter Gabriel, And Through the Wire
February 12, 2006
The Tyee’s Blatant Bias

The online only publication The Tyee is based out of Vancouver, and bills itself as an alternative magazine.

For some reason, alternative in this case means blatantly biased. Witness this link to an article about David Emerson crossing the floor.

What’s biased about this? It’s a link to another article — see that text I highlighted in yellow? The word sex doesn’t appear in the Globe and Mail article its linked to at all, and the only reference to Belinda is in passing.

A bunch of people label me as Conservative — wrongly, I might add. In reality, what I find offensive is people who assign some labels and treat them as dogma. People, in essence, who are unable to see alternative viewpoints. Radicals can come from the left or the right, but they’re still radicals.

The Tyee I find hard to read because it is so blatantly biased it’s not even funny. As demonstrated by the text above, they will do anything to emphasize a story against the Conservatives, including adding words that don’t even appear in linked articles.

Lest anyone think my personal bias enters into this, rest assured that my monthly reading materials are shaped by the highly lnformed publications that characterize Liberal viewpoints. I read — and have regularly subscribed too — Harper’s Magazine the Atlantic Monthly and The Walrus. The only radio station I listen too is CBC Radio One or Two and I don’t spend much time yelling at it, except when I hear Canadians slavishly following close minded viewpoints as they seemed to be doing in the last election.

I can’t read the Tyee, and that makes me sad.

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