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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
You go your way / I'll go your way too
— Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen
February 18, 2006
Hudson’s Bay Company (again)

A lengthy article by Peter C. Newman in today’s Globe and Mail waxes poetically about the history of the Hudson’s Bay Company

It’s informative, but I’m not sure that my read of the article is his intended message.

My read is of a company that has persistently failed to capitalize on its investments; a company that played a role in nation building, but failed to leverage its position.

It also raises the very valid question that if Canada can’t sustain the Hudson’s Bay Company, we may not have a role in global commerce, at least on the level of selling striped wool blankets.

I still don’t see this as a national crisis, although I do agree that it’s not a good economic sign of our times.

I don’t fear for this country’s future: I look forward to it.

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