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— Wilco, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
February 8, 2006
Are Hyrbrid’s Really Saving Us?

A great article at the New York Times questions whether Hybrids are really saving the planet

Don’t get me wrong: I conceptually like the idea of a hybrid car, and would buy one if money weren’t an issue — it’s just that the hype is far greater than the reality.

Some reasons why:

I still maintain that the world would be a much better place if anything larger than a 6 cylinder car were simply not manufactured for all but non-commercial use. 6 cylinders is more than enough to tow a boat, haul timber or firewood or do any number of things that most people who own engines larger than this never do. The onus would then be on government to enforce the non-commercial aspect of the legislation. Not too difficult given that citizens file tax returns.

Some argue that current gas-guzzler taxes are doing this already…this may be true, but these are a modest amount relative to the cost of vehicles.

Hybrids are not the long term answer, nor are they even a very good one for the short term. I’d rather have them than not, but they’re really more of a patch than a solution.

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