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— Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy
January 6, 2006
Patronage? Only the Liberals? Nah.

Now I’m no fan of the current Liberal Party of Canada and the way Paul Martin hands out rewards like a pusher hands out crack cocaine, but are things going to be different under the Tories?

Not according to the Toronto Star

An article in today’s star speculates about a Harper cabinet:

Who’d sit in Tory cabinet?
Speculation begins as Conservatives gain confidence Harper will succeed Martin
Jan. 6, 2006. 05:20 AM

With the prospect of a Conservative minority coming into sharper focus, some Tories are quietly beginning to contemplate what a Stephen Harper cabinet might look like.
It promises to be a more youthful — and sparser — front bench than Canadians have become accustomed to in recent years.

Don’t get me wrong — a smaller cabinet is a very good thing. Under Paul Martin’s leadership the cabinet has grown to be a bloated misshapen beast.

The article goes on to speculate about potential members of the new cabinet:

Several sources said deputy leader Peter MacKay is assured a key post, veteran MPs Monte Solberg, Diane Ablonczy, Rob Nicholson and Jay Hill are likely to get the call, as are former provincial ministers Stockwell Day (who also led the Canadian Alliance) and Vic Toews.

In Ontario, with its 106 seats, a Tory government would have many more candidates from whom to choose.

Former provincial Tory minister Carl DeFaria could make the grade, as could incumbents Gordon O’Connor, Peter Van Loan, Bev Oda, Diane Finley and Nicholson, who briefly served as a federal minister in the early 1990s.

The emphasis above is mine.

And who is Diane Finley and what are her credentials? Reading her biography doesn’t provide much real insight: why would this woman in particular, representing a riding well outsie the GTA, be called into cabinet?

Because she’s married to Harper’s campaign manager, that’s why.

Don’t forget, incidentally, that Mr. Harper keeps promising that Canadians should be able to pay for their health care ‘with their health card, not their credit card’ (who isn’t these days?) According to Wikipedia Finley’s past includes this highlight:

Finley has promoted increased private-sector involvement in health services. She was the founder of Canada’s largest private-sector ambulance service, Canadian Medical Response, and has chaired the Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships

Again, the emphasis is mine.

So this small-c Conservative is a huge advocate for privatized health care, despite Mr. Harper’s insistence that he supports a public system. Now I’m worried.

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