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Sunset is an angel weeping / Holding out a bloody sword
— Bruce Cockburn, Pacing the Cage
January 2, 2006
Hedging my Bets

This, from today’s Toronto Star, is a good thing:

Poll finds little Tory fear factor
Jan. 2, 2006. 10:58 PM

OTTAWA Fear of a Conservative government is no longer a potent argument for re-electing the Liberals, a new poll suggests.

if it means that Canadians are taking a serious look at all the alternatives to the Liberal Party, rather than simply voting by default.

But what about those Conservative ads?

The Conservative Party has been running TV ads which can best be described as amateurish: these things look like they’ve been produced in someone’s basement, with antique hardware.

But I bet they’re effective.

The most recent of these - - and they can be seen at the Conservative Party web site — replays a number of clips and headlines from the last year’s news, all to scenes of “ordinary looking” Canadians sitting in bars, restaurants and Tim Hortons shops shaking their heads in disgust.

This simple approach works. Canadians have been doing this all year, and reminding them of that builds an effective ad. The message is straightforward, and not manufactured: these headlines have been playing in the Canadian consciousness all year.

There are worse things in advertising than low production values: in this case a key message is fiscal responsibility — these ads demonstrate it.

I haven’t yet seen very many Liberal ads. I expect this will change with a blitz in the next three weeks, and the airwaves will be overwhelmed. It will be very interesting to see if they work as well.

Right now, with the Liberal party failing to run any kind of effective campaign, I’m hedging my best. I think it’s still an outside chance, but Mr. Harper might just pull a rabbit out of this hat. Unfortunately, I expect this rabbit to come at the cost of an alliance with the Bloc Quebecois. The prospect terrifies me on one level, but I wouldn’t vote Liberal out of fear either.

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