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January 15, 2006
Crazy Liberal Attack Ads

These crazy Liberal attack ads are playing in extremely high rotation. It’s weird.

What’s most shocking, is that they’re just such horrible ads.

My TV is on as I write this, although I’m paying little attention to it. The news is on, so I’m mostly just listening. (I’d prefer the radio, but there’s no news-cast right now to speak of, and I want my campaign news.)

These ads are all voice over, and music. The word Liberal isn’t mentioned once in the voice over. The one that’s been playing tonight ends with a line that says “The social safety net is a fundamental Canadian value, Mr. Harper.”

The thin about this is, if — like me — you’re not actually reading the screen and just listening, this ad does nothing to support the Liberal Party of Canada. It may succeed in leaving a negative impression of Mr. Harper, but it doesn’t reinforce anything about the Liberals.

For many people, impressions of the ads will be based on the media’s coverage of them. In this case, not very good. The news media has focused on one particularly heinous ad that was pulled, and has not been kind to the Liberals in general.

This tide is moving swiftly, and I have yet to see anything from the Liberals that’s pulling this one back.

I’m not sure I want too — my ballot’s already been cast.

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