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January 5, 2006
Coffee: World’s (2nd) Most Valuable Commodity

Many people don’t know, but coffee is apparently second only to Oil on the world market. It’s amongst the world’s most valuable commodities.

This, then, should come as no surprise.

Espresso Huts Are Target, and Barista Tips Police
Published: January 5, 2006

SEATTLE, Jan. 4 — The culprits were not after cappuccino, but baristas figured prominently in their robbery spree across the Seattle area - and in their apparent undoing.

Baristas at as many as 10 drive-up espresso stands, as ubiquitous here in the nation’s coffee capital as McDonald’s are, were robbed at gunpoint last month. In each case, less than $200 was taken and the victim was a young woman, the authorities said.

I was attending at these stands for quite a while: street-side coffee is to Seattle as a street Hot Dog is to New York. It’s not just coffee, it’s an icon.

Shame on these folks for preying on these young girls. They’re performing a public service, after all.

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