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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
My sleeves have come unstitched / From climbing your tree
— Wilco, Muzzle of Bees
January 24, 2006
Barenaked Ladies

Activity logs are a wonderful thing. You can, really, see just about everything that happens on a web site.

If, for example, the same person returns day after day and enters the same search with their caps lock key on, it shows.

Recently, someone searched this place for Ed Robertson which just seems odd, given that there are much better sources of information about him.

Ed is one of the Barenaked Ladies lead singers. I went to high school with these guys — so did most people in Scarborough, at one point or another — and have little of interest to report. There are five stories I like to tell about Ed specifically.

  1. I took driving lessons with his wife
  2. I watched Ed fail a grade 12 calculus course (further proof that good calculus skills — which I possess in spades — are not needed or a guarantee of financial success.) Short version: he overslept. No black mark there.
  3. Ed used to lend me his Rush records. Ed had a lot of Rush records. Ed had every Rush record that had been released, and would never lend the extremely limited pressings (I recall a purple vinyl edition of Hemispheres, but my memory may be inacccurate.)
  4. I have some very old photos from their first contract signing (there were very few people there,) at the Scarborough Civic Centre which I may one day scan and post.
  5. I toured New Brunswick with the Barenaked Ladies once; sure, I was like 12 and playing french horn in the school band, but Ed & Steve were in the band too…Tyler and the Creegan’s weren’t (they went to another school) and they hadn’t started calling themselves the Barenaked Ladies yet but I still think it counts

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