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— Neko Case, Margaret vs. Pauline
December 31, 2005
On The Record; Riding Predictions

I was chatting about the election last night, and made some riding calls. I’m going to put them on the record.

West Vancouver: absolutely Blair Wilson. There is no doubt.
North Vancouver: sadly, Don Bell is likely to hold this. Very slim chance for Cindy Silver but she’s a bit right wing…this might play well with seniors who dominate the voting population.
Vancouver Centre: Svend Robinson. The argument that Hedy Fry has held the riding for four terms, and deserves credit for beating Kim Campbell doesn’t hold water. Svend is a master campaignger, and the riding leans left anyway. He’ll take this one.
Vancouver East: Libby Davies is a shoo-in, until voters in this riding discover that the NDP has done nothing to make their neighbourhood safer, cleaner, or their tax dollar expenditure more effective. One day this riding will fall from the NDP, but this is not that day.
Vancouver Kingsway: Ian Waddel sadly. I’d like nothing more than to see David Emerson sit in opposition (a minority parliament would make it even more delicious) but his boiled dog head comment has handed the riding to Waddell.
Vancouver South: It’s my belief that Ujjal Dosanjh is going to hold this — I see nothing that will push Tarlok Sarblok over him.

In Vancouver Quadra my head and heart are conflicted, so I can’t truly predict. Stephen Owen seems likely to hold, but I’m doing as much as I can to make sure he doesn’t.

This means that I am, essentially, calling Vancouver an NDP city, not a Liberal one.

This surprised me at first, but it shouldn’t really.

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