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My true love drowned in a dirty old pan / Of oil that did run from the block / Of a falcon sedan 1969 / The paper said '75
— Neko Case, Star Witness
December 20, 2005
Internet Explorer for Mac: R.I.P. or Good Riddance?

Microsoft has officially announced that it’s removing Internet Explorer for the Macintosh from being downloadable, about a year after announcing the cessation of development.

Does it matter anymore?

It’s my view that Internet Explorer’s relevance as a web browser is entirely based on being the 25 foot Gorilla of the industry. Even the Windows version hasn’t been substantially updated in quite some time, and it’s probably the least standards compliant browser available.

I deleted the Mac version some time ago, and largely use Safari these days with Mozilla filling the occasional very rare gap.

So I’m on the side of Good Riddance. I’d like to see less reliance on quirky Internet Explorer only tricks to make things work, and I’m quite pleased to be using a highly standards compliant browser in the modern era.

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