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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Watchmaker steadies his delicate hand / I want you / For barbeque parties on blood red sands
— Peter Gabriel, And Through the Wire
November 10, 2005
Vancouver ‘s Civic Government Slips Over The Edge

Tim Louis has always been a bit of a loose cannon, but this is just ridiculously over the line.

This from a civic government that can’t even keep homeless prostitutes alive.

Vancouver councillor calls for non-profit brothel
Last updated Nov 10 2005 08:39 AM PST
CBC News
Vancouver City Councillor Tim Louis’ suggestion that the city should operate a brothel had phones ringing off the hook at City Hall Thursday.

Louis made the comment in an editorial meeting with the Vancouver Sun newspaper

I’ve no doubt of the the people behind this brilliant and this needs to be said: this is not the solution to the problem, no matter how you define the problem.

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