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Music is my saviour / and I was maimed by rock and roll / I was tamed by rock and roll / I got my name from rock and roll
— Jeff Tweedy, Sunken Treasure
November 10, 2005
Sorry Marge, the mob has spoken.

Seattle’s monorail, which has been on 5 different Seattle ballots, is finally dead.

At least we can hope so. I’ve never taken the extremely short monorail system that exists in Seattle already. This plan was intended to extend the system to a reasonable length.

As the only public monorail system in North America, it seemed to make little sense: the cost of maintaining the system and building equipment was bound to be horrendous. Using a system that already has built in North American infrastructure seems more logical.

You don’t, after all, see very many cities installing cable cars a la San Francicso do you?

Seattle needs more public transit badly though—it’ll be interesting to watch what happens next.

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