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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
You go your way / I'll go your way too
— Leonard Cohen, Leonard Cohen
October 16, 2005
Radio Moscow: Broadcasting Again

CBC Radio 1 With some, although not much, fanfare Canada’s own Radio Moscow returned to the airwaves last Tuesday.

While many were ambivalent, my own personal sigh of relief could be heard for miles around. Nothing crystalized this more than waking up on Sunday morning.

CBC Radio One’s North by Northwest, hosted by Sheryl McKay, is the guiltiest pleasure to wake up too. Sheryl is conversational and intelligent, and wonderful to listen to almost all the time. Followed on the air by Michael Enright’s Sunday Edition , this makes every Sunday morning a great day to spend in front of the radio.

A few changes I’d ask for? Please start Podcasting The Sunday Edition show - I can’t always listen to it when it’s on. I’d also like to be able to download Paul Kennedy’s ideas lectures. The latter are available for sale on CD, but it strikes me that either making them available at minimum cost as downloads or for free would be a great way of allowing the content to proliferate. Ideas presents some of the best lectures that I’ve heard, many uniquely Canadian.

Yes. It’s true. Despite the derisive nickname, I love my CBC radio

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