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— Rheostatics, Northern Wish
October 28, 2005
Harriet Miers Goes Down for the Count

You know, I was listening to a podcast this morning from KCRW World News and they pointed out that Harriet Miers told the LA Times that she thought that George Bush was a genius.

So, thank god for small favours as she withdraws her nomination:
Answered Prayers - How Bush lost the Miers fight. By John Dickerson

It’s also worth pointing out that Harriet Miers’ name was put forward by a committee which she was chairing; if you’d asked any lawyer in the United States who deserved this post, not one would have put her name at the top of the list, if they even put it on at all.

I seem to recall, shortly after Rehnquists’ death, Bush joking with Alberto Gonzales that he might make a good choice - what happened to that option? He was certainly more qualified than Ms. Miers.

That Miers chose herself as the candidate should come as no surprise given how Dick Cheney arrived as the White House Vice President.

The saddest thing about this blatant cronyism is that by the time Jeb Bush gets around to running, the American public will have forgotten about it and may expect something different. Why, I do not know.

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