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October 31, 2005
GST on Food? Why not just pay a fair price instead?

According to the CBC, farmers want the government to start charging GST on food and have the money remitted directly to farmers.

A brief excerpt:

Add GST to food, farm group says
The Goods and Services Tax should be applied to food, with the revenue given to farmers to help save the struggling industry, a farm group says.

The Agricultural Institute of Canada - a group dedicated to farming research and education - believes adding the seven per cent tax to what we eat will help farmers.

“Farmers produce way more than they used to … and yet they still can’t stay in business,” said Hugh Maynard, who has written a report on the issue.

Olives Growing in California

This is not the solution to the problem.

The government should not be acting as a revenue collector for farmers, nor should it be acting as a booster by providing subsidies.

Farmers need to be paid a living wage for the food they grow. This won’t happen by imposing a bureaucratic layer of government to administer the distribution of cash. Remember what happened to the levy on recordable media and MP3 players?

It’s a simple truth: we don’t pay enough for food. All you can eat buffets are $9.99 are not sutainable from the farmer’s point of view, nor are current prices on beef and produce in general.

Part of the solution is here, the 100 Mile Diet. 100 miles is probably not realistic for many people, but think about it the next time that you buy off-season apple’s grown in California or flown in from New Zealand. There are two fundamental questions to be asked:

I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t buy the apple - I do - but you should at least be aware of the consequences.

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