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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
I've proven who I am so many times / the magnetic strip's worn thin
— Bruce Cockburn, Pacing the Cage
September 4, 2005
Rehnquist is Dead

Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court John Rehnquist is dead at 80 of thyroid cancer. Coming on the heals of Sandra Day O’Connor’s retirement, this gives George W. Bush the opportunity to make not one but two appointments to the highest court in America.

Rehnquist was a conservative, and not a liberal. He voted with the majority that gave Bush the presidency in the year 2000, modified the Chief’s uniform and expanded the powers of the police by removing some of the court’s historical restratints on them amongst other things.

While Rehnquist may have been a conservative, I find myself now living in fear of the possibility of two new Bush appointees. Conservatism has, in the years since Rehnquist’s tenure, sunk to new depths and the court may never be the same again. Rehnquist will look positively liberal by the time this is done.

Whatever happened to the liberal, progressive courts that acted as an effective check against the tyranny of the majority that the legislative branch risks? If this is not the role of the highest courts, what is it?

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