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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Rushing at the modern sunset to your window / Gestured with the bleach in hand, she said "let's go" "L.A." she cried / The heartbreak rides for free
— A.C. Newman, The Heartbreak Rides
September 9, 2005
Gavel to Gavel Coverage

I’m not making this up - NPR is promoting their coverage of John Roberts’ confirmation hearings on Monday as “gavel to gavel coverage.”

This is a great turn of phrase, uttered without a trace of irony. They’re promising to broadcast Roberts’ opening remarks “live, and uncut” as well.

And really, doesn’t this make sense? The future of the United States is in the balance here - isn’t this more significant than whether the Lakers win or lose by two points?

In other notes, China has blocked access to Skype, a great free internet telephony application that works quite well. Apparently, Skype’s been cutting into China Telecom’s long distance revenue. The same thing’s been happening here, of course, but our phone companies aren’t state run so they’re left a bit out in the cold.

To those who think that China is modernizing, what does this mean? A government that seeks to control its citizens access to information can’t survive - the Chinese government’s life has been extended in part by language isolation - not speaking a European language means a great deal of the world’s linguistic output is lost on Chinese citizens. It can’t last forever.

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