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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
There are maybe 10 or 12 / things I could teach you / after that you're on your own
— A.C. Newman, There are Maybe 10 or 12
June 15, 2005
Is Vancouver the next Gotham?

Or perhaps Sin City?

These guys are patrolling the streets privately in some pathetic attempt for wannabe cops to become real ones. Is this justice, or vigilante justice? Is it time for every neighbourhood to get it’s own personal Batman to patrol the streets?

With a former cop and council candidate — Vern Campbell — on current staff and a current council candidate (or a prospective one, at least) as a former Business Development director you’d think they’d understand the implications of this. Policing is done for a public good, not a private benefit. Vancouver’s policing problem is not going to be fixed by a fleet of Smart Car driving cop-wannabee’s roaming our wealthy neighbourhoods.

Besides, this particular guy hires whores (yes, I watched him do it one night…quite possibly the most humiliating night of an overall humiliating election campaign.)

What’s the message here…certain types of crime are acceptable? Or is it OK for him to hire whores because he does it at 10th and Fraser, not in Dunbar. Keep Dunbar safe and secure, but let the ghetto go to hell? We know he thinks drugs are OK, because his friends keep them in his house.

With friends like this, our city doesn’t need enemies. We’re doing just fine taking it down from the inside.

I live in one of the city’s richest neighbourhoods, in a house that’s probably worth about a million bucks - twice as much as when it was bought only a few years ago. I work in the city’s poorest neighbourhood. I see this contradiction every day. I feel no need for private security in either one of these places, althogh I definitely know which one I’d rather have my kids playing in.

The citizens of Dunbar should do some research before they consider letting this happen in their neighbourhood — private policing has a poor history, and does little to improve the welfare of the overall community.

Now where do I erect those gates so that I can control access to the area? I wouldn’t mind collecting a toll. Maybe these security guys and I can start a racket.

Oh wait. That’s exactly what I’m arguing against. I almost forgot.

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