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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
There's a fortune inside your head / All you touch turns to lead / You think you might just crawl back in bed
— Wilco, Misunderstood
April 28, 2005


Up, down, turn around
Please don’t let me hit the ground
Tonight I think I’ll walk alone
I’ll find my soul as I go home

Posted by skooter at 1:00 PM This entry is filed under Music.

I have a TV

This is bigger news than it might seem, since I haven’t really had one for about a year now. It’s been longer than that since I had cable.

But someone offered one, and I accepted. Ideally I’d have a high quality 14” small TV, but this is a 20” Hitachi that’s old enough to not have an S-Video input.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this works out, I think. Last night, I plugged it in a for a moment, turned it on and was watching Everybody Loves Raymond.

This, of course, reminded me of why I got rid of my TV in the first place.

I’m hopeful, but won’t hesitate for a moment to get rid of it should I need to.

Posted by skooter at 10:04 AM This entry is filed under Technology.

April 26, 2005

this is wonderland. this is toronto.

I’m watching TV for the first time in as long as I can remember really. i kind of watched some in Seattle a couple of weeks ago, but not really. It was sort of just there.

So I’m watching This Is Wonderland on CBC, and realizing how much of a Toronto show it is. Street Legal was like this too, set on Queen Street with the law offices above my favourite science fiction book store which has long since moved.

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Posted by skooter at 9:56 PM This entry is filed under Technology.

April 24, 2005

when you come home to this, the world couldn’t look much better

Georgia and Torie in the backyard.

Posted by skooter at 7:38 PM This entry is filed under Camera, Family.
Tags: Georgia

April 22, 2005

Paul Martin’s Largesse

The very morning after our Prime Minister liberated our airwaves to apologize for the corruption that is the Liberal Party of Canada”: I received no less than 5 press releases from Liberal ministers, announcing 71 new Canada Research Chairs.

Yes, that’s right - 71 in a single day. CDN$99 Million in funding released by Minister Emerson to establish these chairs.

I’m sure the timing was completely coincidental. There’s note a shred of doubt in my mind.

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Posted by skooter at 8:58 PM This entry is filed under Politics.

April 17, 2005

Another Minority Government

With the Conservative party sending missives around indicating that they’re going to take the current government of Canada down on the 15th of May, Vancouver’s already busy political scene is all atwitter.

Predictably, Conservatives think they’ve got it nailed, and Liberals think they do.

None of this matters, of course, as one man’s career as leader will end and we will, naturally, end up with another inherently temporary minority government.

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Posted by skooter at 2:36 PM This entry is filed under Politics.
Tags: Conservative Party of Canada, Liberal Party of Canada

April 15, 2005

The Emerald City

Glimmering on the western edge of the continent lays the Emerald City of the United States. It’s one of three metropolises I could see myself living in, although probably the third on that last. The first, of course, is the one I live in now (or, more accurately, an idealized version of the one I live in now.)

The Emerald City beckons, and I’m ready to answer its call. At least for a short while.

Posted by skooter at 8:25 AM This entry is filed under Travel.

April 14, 2005


Damn, it feels good to be a gangster

You just don’t get bus stop art like this in T-dot.

Posted by skooter at 12:11 AM This entry is filed under Vancouver.

April 13, 2005

Movable Type, Bringer of Joy

The good folks over at Six Apart, creators of Movable Type, have finally introduced schwag. I don’t do schwag, but I want this.

On the topic of Movable Type, I’m mucking around with plugins and extensions a bit more. Hopefully some new fun to be had here.

The first sign of this is on the right - yes, over there - at least on the home page. I’m pulling random entries from the Gallery blog to feature photos. Don’t be afraid to click, there’s an easy way back.

Yes, I’ll add more galleries soon.

Posted by skooter at 9:47 PM This entry is filed under Technology.

April 12, 2005

Tigers, tigers, everywhere.

After the most interminable wait ever, Tiger has been officially announced for April 29th.

This, friends, is going to be exciting. Hold off on buying that Mac Mini though - wait until it ships with it, since the upgrade is going to to cost you 25% of the cost of the machine.

Posted by skooter at 8:38 AM This entry is filed under Technology.

April 5, 2005

youth wings

Perhaps all the young Conservatives who have threatened (or already have) to quite the party over the lack of a youth wing should also resign from the Catholic Church, which also seems to lack one.

Ironic that the latter doesn’t let anybody over 80 vote for its leader, but the former does.

Posted by skooter at 7:48 AM This entry is filed under Politics.

April 4, 2005

and how was your day?

here, it was sunny and warm and my after work walk took me in a neat direction.

Posted by skooter at 10:18 PM This entry is filed under Camera.

April 2, 2005

Pope 2.0

Ok. It’s not 2.0, but many people alive to day have known only one pope: John Paul II is the second John Paul, but there have been thousands of predecessors. Finding an accurate number is difficult, but these guys might be able to help:
The Pope Blog: Pope Unconscious, But Not In Coma

So, given the fact that for many people have never known another Pope, I’m going to call the next one Pope 2.0. It’s a new tradition. Get over it.

CNN introduces the Papal prospects I love this though: this is the first Pope chosen in the post-apocalyptic CNN era. I suspect someone will blog the election (and if they don’t I will) but this CNN video of Paula Zahn introducing the papal prospects makes me chuckle. Paula Zahn? Doesn’t she usually interview people like Bono and the dearly departed Johnny Cochrane.

We do live in an enlightened era.

My favourite list of Popes is this one.

Posted by skooter at 7:53 AM This entry is filed under Politics.
Tags: Catholic Church, Pope

Tiger. Redux

Yesterday came and went without the much rumours Tiger goes gold master announcement from Apple.

Steve: what did I ever do to you? Really. I mean, come on.

I no longer want Tiger. I now need it. Absolutely need it.

Gimme what I need Steve.

Posted by skooter at 5:19 AM This entry is filed under Technology.

April 1, 2005

so the pope’s dying

But did he have to fuck with my ability to listen to music?

Ever since I got home, my Squeezebox has been flashing three words - in very large type, because that’s how I left it:
that’s it.

It plays one song, and then won’t queue the next one. Even after I’ve changed the settings to shut off the RSS feed.

Ok. I get it. I’ve sinned. A little. Or a lot, depending on your perspective.

Now get off of me. You’re not the Pope of me! I want to hear the next song.

Posted by skooter at 9:01 PM This entry is filed under Music.
Tags: Music, Pope, Squeezebox