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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
If your life is a leaf / that that the seasons tear off and condemn They will bind you with love / that is graceful and green as a stem
— Leonard Cohen, Sisters of Mercy
March 22, 2005
Moby. Hotel.

I just bought my first post-iPod post-modern CD: Moby’s Hotel.

It’s not the first CD I’ve purchased since the iPod was invented - I’ve been ripping and burning forever now, with my first MP3 download on April 6, 1998

How do I remember the date?

Well, Tammy Wynette died, and I, of course, had to hear Justified and Ancient by the KLF, snagged an MP3 and it’s history from there.

My music has largely been living in iTunes (although I still have a few CDs kicking around) since it’s existed (and before that in the sublimely superb Audion), but this is the first CD I’ve bought since I had an iPod.

So here’s an interesting question: will I ever actually play this CD?

First, the Music

Last week, quite by chance, I heard the cover of New Order’s Temptation featured on this album. My jaw dropped. It’s haunting.

As I was telling someone earlier tonight, I really like lyrics and when someone takes a track like this (let’s just say New Order wasn’t exactly a lyrics band) and exposes the words inside, it can be pretty effective. Worked for me. Think Sinead and Nothing Compares 2 U for a similar, less controversial effect.

I’m ten tracks into this album’s first disc, and so far I like it (ironically, track ten is titled I Like It.) I’ll do a full evaluation later.

For everybody out there saying I’m lame ‘cause it’s Moby and he’s gone so mainstreatm - bah. Yes, I’m lame, but it’s not becuase I like Moby. I bought into Moby way before Play hit it big, and had compiled a nice little collection by the time your mother started listening to it.

Sure, he’s not Ninja, Kruder, Kid 606 but so what - none of them are Kraftwerk either, and you should really be listening to them if you want electronic. Get over it already. For ambient, let’s talk Brian Eno - yes boys and girls, he did have a career before he produced the Joshua Tree.

Back to the Physical Media

As soon as I got home from work tonight, Hotel got dropped into my computer and ripped to 128kb AAC. So far, so good. It’s not actually IN my iPod yet, but it will be later tonight when I synchronize. For now I’m too lazy to plug a cable in - just soaking in the space for a few moments.

Now, really, if all I had was an iPod I’d say that the CD would live, but there’s another little toy sitting around that changes all that. I was born long enough ago to still believe that real sound comes out of a stereo with an amplifier and speakers, not just a pair of speakers connected to a computer, so I tended to still play lots of CDs. Hooking the iPod up to my stereo isn’t that much less convenient than dropping a CD in, and there’s that pesky battery to worry about (keeping it charged I mean.)

That was before the Squeezebox.

Don’t get too excited - mine is older, and not quite as sexy as that one on the web page, but it does the same thing - takes music through the air and pumps it into my stereo. It’s like an Airport Express, but not from Apple and it works with anything (including Linux.) Sorry, Steve, but I like it a bit better (of course, it’s used so I’m getting it much cheaper.)

Squeezebox changes everything: now, the music in my computer just goes to the stereo. That, in a nutshell, means that this CD isn’t likely to get dropped into my CD player ever.

Unwrap. Rip. Shelve.

That is, I suspect, the new aesthetic. But we shall see. Only time will tell.

Why then, I know you’re wondering, didn’t I buy it online from the ab-fab iTunes Music Store? Two simple reasons:
- I don’t have a credit card, and they don’t take Interac, and;
- they don’t have it for sale
Yes folks, that last one was a major impediment. Plus, at $14.99 for two - count them, two - pretty shiny discs, it’s a pretty good deal. The iTunes store probably would’ve wanted more.

Now I’ve got some music to listen too. Wirelessly, of course.

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