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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
But there is no sunken treasure / Rumored to be / Wrapped inside my ribs / In a sea black with ink I am so / Out of tune / With you
— Jeff Tweedy, Sunken Treasure
March 27, 2005
50 Tracks: All Canada, All the time

Somewhat to my surprise - mostly due to the addiction that is my Squeezebox preventing me from listening to CBC much - this week’s Radio 3 broadcast was pre-empted for the 50 Tracks: Canada countdown. You’ll find the list if you follow the link below.

CBC Radio | 50 Tracks | The List

Now, all in all I like this list. Some very good stuff on there, altough as usual I could disagree with some of the ratings: Blue Rodeo’s “Try” comes out ahead of the “The Weight” by The Band…the latter is arguably one of the most influential tracks of its era, Canadian or otherwise. A bit odd.

But seriously folks: Barenaked Ladies “If I had $1000000” at number two? Ahead of “Heart of Gold” by Neil Young? What were you smoking.

I - along with thousands of others - went to high school with these guys. My favourite BNL story involves Ed Robertson failing calculus…I watched it happen. I don’t mean that in an abstract way, either. There was a palpable minute when he left the exam 15 minutes after getting there. It was pretty funny.

Even Ed, I’d think, would be hard pressed to rank himself ahead of “Tom Sawyer”, at least if his Rush collection during high school years was any indication. To call this guy a Rush fan doesn’t do it justice: he was THE Rush fan.

But, I suppose, the public has spoken and it’s entirely unsurprising that my somewhat quirky musical taste is a bit off here. For what it’s worth, I’m compiling as much of the 50 tracks into an iTunes playlis, and I already have quite a bit of it.

I wonder if this is what that CD levy was paying for the whole time?

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