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So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Rushing at the modern sunset to your window / Gestured with the bleach in hand, she said "let's go" "L.A." she cried / The heartbreak rides for free
— A.C. Newman, The Heartbreak Rides
December 4, 2004
rm -R IBM PC*

There are so many stories circulating that IBM is negotiating with Chinese manufacturers to get out of the PC business that it’s hard no to believe them.

is this the end of an era?

As someone who:
a) Once turned down a job with IBM’s PC marketing division (for which I am eternally branded as silly), and
b) Once consdiered buying a freaking 386SX based PS2 system because the highly proprietery system bus was really sweet

I’m not quite sure how to feel.

The truth is, at heart, I’ve always been raised an Apple kid. They bought me when I was in grade 4 (don’t ask what year that was) and I’ve been bitten ever since. I came very close to turning my back, but stayed only becuase OS X hit.

The thing that almost made me turn my back? FreeBSD on an IBM ThinkPad T20.

ThinkPad’s are very nice machines. Don’t get me wrong, I really like my Powerbooks, but I give ThinkPads a minor edge on the keyboard front. They’ve got really really nice keyboards; they’re very well assembled.

They are, at heart, the only Intel based laptops I would buy.

A T20 at CDN$1200 was almost irresistible. I resisted.

FreeBSD is the core of Mac OS X. Comparing FreeBSD 4.8 and newee to Mac OS X 10.0 was pretty fair. Mac OS X had an interface edge, but was very rough. Thank god for Panther; I can’t imagine using anyting else at this point (but can’t wait for Tiger.) Meow.

The rest of IBM’s line? Who knows. Pretty indistinct, although they’ve been shipping black towers for a very long time, but never managed to make them cool. Having said that, a very non-computer savvy friend when he was looking for machines for his family picked up the phone and called IBM. Admittedly, budget wans’t a huge issue for him, but he also didn’t spend a lot of money. The IBM brand was what mattered.

IBM’s departure could leave an interesting dent in the PC industry. Most notably, it takes one of the computer superbrands out of the industry, at least from the public’s perspective (either that, or sells the rights to the name and therefore dilutes the brand to the point where it doesn’t matter.)

This will essentially leave 2 superbrands in the Industry (sorry Dell, but you don’t quite cut it yet. HP? Pshaw. Have you run a BIOS update recently? Tried buying a power supply? How about installing XP SP2 on an HP/Compaq laptop? These guys are amateurs.)




So the future could be even more interesting than the past.

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