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I Am Skooter
So here's us, on the raggedy edge.
Music is my saviour / and I was maimed by rock and roll / I was tamed by rock and roll / I got my name from rock and roll
— Jeff Tweedy, Sunken Treasure
November 30, 2004
It’s not April Fools, so it must be true

This headline features prominently in Today’s New York Times:

Wal-Mart to Cut Prices After Poor Sales

Apparently, after a single day of lower than projected sales Wal-Mart is slashing prices.

The obvious question is: how? Isn’t this the company that is supposed to have the lowest prices possible; the company that lowers the cost of living of every community it opens a store in? How can they lower their already unbelievable prices anymore?

The mysteries of the universe are lost on me; I hope that one day I can understand.

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