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— Wilco, Handshake Drugs
October 19, 2004
Resuls Ontario: The McGuinty Government’s report

The McGuinty government in Ontario has released Results Ontario

The report is a collection of statistics, photos and testimonials on the status of life for the citizens of Ontario.

Naturally, this report glosses over the tax increase that McGuinty implemented, blatantly breaking one of his key election promises. Of course, election promises related to taxation are dicey at best: the inevitable re-evaluation of the books provides opportunities for wiggle room.

McGuinty deserves credit, however, for not making this a report on the McGuinty government’s Ontario. The report outlines a series of goals and strategies to achieve them, and does not have a single picture of McGuinty himself, and the word Liberal doesn’t appear at all.

Come to think of it, my province is running these “Best Place on Earth” ads right now, and they don’t seem terribly partisan either. The NDP is, of course, criticizing these ads bitterly and conveniently ignoring the fact that not only did they run blatantly partisan ads prior to the 2005 election, but they also took this province from 1st to 10th in virtually every national ranking and therefore had little reason to trumpet their own success.

I hope this means that politics is changing: I hope so, but I’m not yet 100% convinced.

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