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October 9, 2004
Cormorants require more maintenance than originally expected

So as it turns out, our Cormorant helicopters require substantially more maintenance than originally thought.

Were the Liberals right after all, way back in 1993?

I seriously doubt that Chretien had any knowledge of these issues in 1993 when he was first elected and cancelled the Cormorant purchase contract that had been signed by the Conservative government. It’s just not really believable that the opposition would have such detailed information at their hands to make a decision on.

Expect the Liberals to make hay with this at some point though.

This almost certainly was a factor in the recent decision to purchase Sikorsky helicopters rather than more Cormorants. The question is: why didn’t the Liberals release these numbers when that decision was made?

Had they done so, the Canadian public would likely have been more understanding of the decision that was made: to add yet another different piece of equipment to our already underfunded and over-stretched military.

So this isn’t so much a lesson in bad decision making as it is a question of bad politics: the Martin government has consistently bungled communications, and it’s hard to figure out why. This guy conquered the party, but he can’t put together a decent press release….

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